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What I did for my birthday…

June 7, 2010

I turned 38 on my birthday last weekend. There was one thing I wanted to do. Since I was 13, I wanted to go to Dollywood. Yes- you read it right..DOLLYWOOD!

I expected a whole lot of cheesiness! I was surprised. The park itself is awesome. Very well landscaped and nestled in the hills, so it is gorgeous to look at. There are many kids rides, so if you have kids it is a good place to go. There are 3 main roller coasters right now- Tennessee Tornado, Thunderhead, and the Mystery Mine.

The Tennessee Tornado was a steel coaster that had a few surprises up its sleeve. The Mystery Mine was awesome!!! I can not describe this ride or I will ruin it for you. The Thunderhead is probably the best wooden coaster I have ever been on.

There were a few rides that were low key but fun. River Battle is one of these rides. You move around a pond on a barge and shoot other boats with water pumped from the pond. The spectators even get to battle with you.

River Battle

Unfortunately- I can not recommend the shows here. A little bit of a let down. It hurts to say that. ūüė¶ I also had to ignore the religious tone everywhere. Was not too hard, but it was there.

I did a few other things while in the area this weekend. I will post about those separately – including my visit to Gatlinburg and my adventure Ziplining at Dollywood.


Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

June 4, 2010

I am on the road for my birthday this weekend. We are in the Pigeon Forge, TN/Gatlinburg, TN area. (More on why later!) Tonight we saw a production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at the Miracle Theater. I expected it to be a bunch of cheese, but I was more than pleasantly surprised.

The production was high-end. Great lighting and set design. The show was funny and well performed. The guy that played Joseph and the lady that played the narrator were great! I wanted to put a post up so anyone trying to find info may rest assured they are getting a great show that is worth the measly 38.00!!

The theater was far less than half-full, which is unfortunate. The cast performed as if there was a full house and showed us all a good time. The Miracle Theater is known for being uber religious. I am not uber religious or slightly religious as a matter of fact.

I did not feel any high pressured pitch to praise Jesus or anything. There was some music before the show and an invitation to Sunday mass. Outside of that, all was normal. The show was not changed to be more preachy. It stayed true to Andrew Lloyd Weber and his fun fast paced story of Joseph.

If you are in the area of Pigeon Forge- take the time out for this show!

Dinner Impossible at the Newseum tonight!

September 1, 2009

The District Chatter is at the Newseum for a taping of the Food Network’s Dinner Impossible!

Collective Soul Coming to D.C.

July 6, 2009

We asked they listened! Well maybe they were coming anyway. Who knows. I prefer to think we influenced them. Collective Soul will be playing at the 9:30 Club on August 27th! Get your tickets. These guys are a great band to see live and they are not full of themselves. for more info about their tour.

Check out their new songs Staring Down and Welcome All Again on Itunes.

Collecting Souls for Washington, D.C.

May 26, 2009

So Collective Soul has joined the Twitterverse and is Collecting Souls for Twitterland. If you follow Collective Soul, they will follow you back! You can follow them here.

Collective Soul has many hits that people remember fondly. December, Run, The World I Know, and Shine are a few of their popular tracks. Die hard Collective Soul fans will no doubt sell you on a few of their lesser known, yet possibly better songs. You can get more info about Collective Soul at their website. Better Now has become my favorite Collective Soul. There is something about that song that just says things sucked, but now they are ok that really rings true for me.

I have seen Collective Soul in Concert 3 times. One of my most memorable shows was in Frederick, MD. We were able to go “backstage” before the show and meet the band. They told me I looked like Peter Gabriel. LOL. Was that a compliment or no?

I think the best part of seeing Collective Soul is going with RC. RC has loved these guys forever and could probably share some real meaningful stories about how they have touched him. I have bought him Collective Soul tickets 3 years in a row for a gift and there is nowhere he would rather be. I have seen many concerts, but I will see this. No other band or performer has been as down to earth as these guys are.

Collective Soul is setting off on a new tour this summer. Part of that tour will be with Gavin Degraw. Although Collective Soul has made it close to D.C. they have not been to the city to perform in years! We have seen them in Frederick, MD, Baltimore, MD, and Atlantic City. We even know they have been to Fairfax, VA РBUT THEY HAVE NOT BEEN TO D.C.!!!  A show was cancelled at the 9:30 Club shortly after 9/11 and last year they were unable to make an appearance at XM radio that we were going to.

So this leads me to the power of Twitter. Can a social networking website get a band to come to our city? I am not the best blogger in the world, but I do know that I have been consistent in following this band and trekking to shows outside of the D.C. area.  They say they follow back and they are following me on Twitter. The question is will they follow my advice and bring their tour to Washington, D.C.?

Come on Washingtonians! Comment and show your support for Collective Soul coming to Washington, D.C. Getting more bands of this caliber can help keep our local venues like 9:30 Club alive. I am including some of the pictures below from the shows I have attended.

Some extra Collective Soul Links for you!

Star Trek Movie Review

April 24, 2009

spock_526319aThe District Chatter and friends had the privilege of previewing the new Star Trek film last night. J.J. Abrams and the crew of the Star Ship Enterprise have really delivered. I can not give away anything here, but if you enjoy science fiction or Star Trek at all, you will love this film.

This Star Trek is sleek, action packed, and clever. It is not a sequel and it is not really a prequel. It does tell the story of the younger versions of all of the original Star Trek characters. It sets it self up for many sequels without ignoring any of the original movies or the television series.

All of your classic lines are there including, “Live long and prosper.” There are even a couple new lines including, “I will be monitoring your frequency” that are sure to show up on a t-shirt somewhere.

The cast is perfect. I wasn’t so sure before, but they play their parts with a freshness and homage to the original cast. You can’t help but be happy when you see Leonard Nimoy as the original Spock.

I have not been this mesmerized, entertained, or laughed so much in a long time. When Star Trek is released, GO! You will not be disappointed. I will end here, so I don’t ruin your fun.

Live long and prosper.

The Oscar Goes To…

February 24, 2009

Me. What was up with the Oscars this year? I thought they had this time thing under control. I thought it was a pretty decent show. Hugh Jackman was entertaining, thus doing the job he was hired for.

Having 5 people introduce the actors and actresses became a little tired, but I guess if you don’t try, you don’t know.

We hosted a laid back Oscar Party. Our guests were assigned themes based on the best picture nominees and were asked to bring food based on their theme. Here is what our Oscar buffet looked like…

Milk – We had a last minute cancellation so my partner created a Rainbow of Cheeses. We liked it. It combined Milk with Gay.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button – Our Guest brought stuffed¬†button mushrooms¬†with Cajun spices. They were called “Benjamin’s Buttons”. They also brought dried fruit and fresh fruit. They were able to tie in the old and new as well.

Frost/Nixon– Our guest brought a yummy homemade chocolate cake (no cake mix here) with a checker design on top. This was based on Nixon’s famous Checkers speech. They also brought cottage cheese and ketchup. Apparently, President Nixon enjoyed the combo.

The Reader –¬† Our guest (missbiscuit)¬†brought these delicious mini-bison burgers with spicy horseradish. I think I had too many specialty cocktails at the time because I can not explain the reasoning as well as she could. I can summarize- Jewish and Horseradish.

Slumdog Millionaire РOur guest brought some yummy Indian food that I can not produce that was to be served on the accompanying flat bread. She chickened  on bringing cupcakes with poop colored frosting on top. That is what I would have done. But, she tried to be classy.


My partner created a specialty drink for the event, Le Tapis Rouge (The Red Carpet). Our friend at The Liquid Musehas put it on her blog so you can go here to read about it.