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Acadiana- Dog Friendly Sundays

March 11, 2010

Acadiana says leave no dog behind. Starting Sundays in April 2010, Acadiana is welcome dogs (accompanied by their owners) to their patio on from 11 AM – 2:30 PM. The restaurant will offer dogs a treat from their “dog day” menu, made by their chefs.

Visit to view their menus.

901 New YOrk Ave. NW
Washington, Dc 20001


Do I ask too much?

November 18, 2009

I talk a lot about being unhappy with service at restaurants I go to. I always seem to strike out at Busboys and Poets. ūüė¶ I thought I would post a little bit about what I expect. There are 2 versions. The minimum expectation, because I have learned that good service around the DC metro area is not common. Also, the true expectation- what I think every good service person should strive for.

** To be fair to Busboys and Poets- a manager has reached out and offered to chat about how to make my experiences there better. That is a great thing.

I spent more than 15 years in the restaurant/hospitality industry. Based on that, here is the minimum I expect when I dine out.

1. Acknowledge me promptly – within a minute. You don’t have to take my order. Just let me know you see me and tell me when you can help me.

2. Pay attention when I order. – Get it right!

3. Check in on us regularly. Every 5-10 minutes max. Keep drinks full. Just look at the table and take action.

4. Bring us the check promptly and return to collect payment promptly. When people are done eating they are often ready to go.

If you can do these things, I would say that is pretty darn good service.

To make it stellar or excellent expand on the above.

1. Acknowledge me promptly – within a minute. Be sure someone gets us water or try to get a drink order if possible.

2. Pay attention when I order. – Repeat the order back and let me know you have it right.

3. Check in on us regularly. Every 5 max. Keep drinks full. Checking in does not always mean interrupting dinner, just be present in case a table needs you. Don’t hang out and talk to other servers and forget us. We can see you!

4. Bring us the check promptly and return to collect payment promptly.

5. If we are regular guests- remember us. People love to hear their name. We love to know you as well. It makes customers feel they have a connection or a “hook-up” if they know their servers or bartenders.

I really don’t think I am too picky. This is the service I would like to see everywhere. If I want to get my ass kissed, I can pay for that at a higher priced restaurant like The Inn at Little Washington. <— They know how ot do it right!

Busboys and Poets

November 16, 2009

Why do I do this? As much as Busboys and Poets at 5&K NW always finds a way to disappoint, I still end up coming back every 3 months or so.
Yesterday I was in the mood for something close and our kitchen is in the middle of a minor remodel. So, I came on down to try some eggs Benedict.
The food was ok. It actually came out faster than we ever get it when we got a table.
I had heard the bartenders here were great. Whoever the bartenders were on Sunday morning did not fit that bill. We had to flag them down to get waited on and they never checked in with us at all. I think we will probably try the bar again when different bartenders are working.

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Cafe Atlantico’s Magic Mojito

October 26, 2009

Jose Andres likes to deconstruct common fare and allow diners to enjoy a new take on old favorites. On a recent visit to Chef Andres’ Cafe Atlantico I had a surprise waiting for me in the form of the “Magic Mojito.” The Magic Mojito is billed as a cotton candy deconstruction of the classic mojito. The sugar in the Magic Mojito comes in the form of a piece of sugar cane nestled inside a cloud of sugary cotton candy in a martini glass. The mojito is poured over the cotton candy table side allowing you to watch the cotton candy dissolve as if you were caught in the rain at the county fair. Of course, this dissolved cotton candy becomes the sweet sugary magic in the Magic Mojito.

The Facebooks

August 11, 2009

On the metro yesterday, I came face to face with easily the most inane, pointless, senseless ad for a major company I have ever seen.

The ad was for McDonalds and showed a massive Big Mac with a sleeve of crispy golden fries.¬† Average, right?¬† It was until I read the ad’s tagline: “They would friend each other”.

Really, McDonalds?¬† I don’t think you mean that.¬† Unless you’re implying that maybe Big Mac and Fries met at a party on a random Saturday night and maybe¬† Big Mac had made eight-too-many trips to the keg.¬† Big Mac was really overly friendly to Fries, who would have normally been creeped out, but Fries just got out of a long term relationship and is feeling kind of needy and was grateful for the attention.¬† So, Fries go home that night to bed, thinking that Big Mac wasn’t actually that great, but was a nice distraction for the evening.¬† In the morning, Fries wake up and check the computer and there’s a friend request from Big Mac, whose profile picture shows Big Mac with a bunch of other burgers and they’re all doing the hand symbol for the Shocker.¬† Fries are repulsed, but accept the friend request because, gosh, it’s one more menu item to add to the Friend List.

Or maybe, McDonalds, you’re thinking that Fries and Big Mac work together?¬† Maybe Big Mac is younger than Fries – a family spud that has a number of tater tots at home.¬† Big Mac comes into the office one day, signs on to Facebook and finds a friend request from Fries.¬† Big Mac is slightly skeezed out because, really, Fries are too old for this.¬† So, Big Mac sits on the friend request for a while until Fries bring it up awkwardly in the breakroom by the coffee maker one day,¬† making a slightly veiled reference to how Big Mac is probably too young and “cool” to be online friends with Fries.¬† So out of guilt, Big Mac accepts the friend request.

I’m pretty sure you’re not thinking of these scenarios, McDonalds.¬† I think the point you’re trying to get across is that, “these particular menu items go together,” so let’s leave the bizarre and actually-unrelated-to-real-friendship world of Facebook out of it.¬† Not only does your ad goad me into anthropomorphizing your products into awkward life situations, it also shows that you are not exactly 100% certain what the kids are doing these days- those crazy kids with their Twitters and their the Facebooks on the intergoogles.

Now, unrelated to McDonalds but related to Facebook: if I see one more photo album entitled¬† “Mr./ Ms. (Insert Person’s Last Name) Goes to Washington”, I will lose the tiny portion of my mind that has, to date, remained intact (mostly).¬†¬† Seriously, people!¬† This is not witty or clever or new.¬† If you have stepped foot in the greater DC area and took some photos while you were here, you also probably have an album on your Facebook profile tagged with this title.¬† Stop, please.¬† Not only are you making me hate you for your genuine lack of creativity, you’re making me take it out on my memories of various Jimmy Stewart movies… let’s leave Jimmy out of this, okay?

Stop Taking Crap from Restaurants!

July 16, 2009

I can not figure out why people in this area are so content with crappy service, food, and an overall lack of hospitality in D.C.’s service industry.

I have boycotted Lucky Strike for over 2 years now and have prevented many people from going their. The staff is rude, their dress code is absurd and inconsistent, and the food is not worth the trouble of dealing with the former.

I no longer go to my favorite restaurant Matchbox on H St. NW because they had a dead mouse in the middle of the dining room when we took a group of 10 Italian friends there, and their only response was “sorry, it’s a problem we have here.” Really?!

The Busboys on 5 and K NW absolutely sucks. We have probably went about once every 2 months hoping they would get their crap together. Nope. The food is always different then the last time we ordered it. (How hard is it to cook a good pizza if you know what you are doing?) The service is random, and the managers are full of themselves and are only interested in prancing around and not really doing much of anything.

No matter what establishment you go into, you should get a sincere greeting, great service, and leave with a true desire to go back. I have not went to ANY restaurant in D.C. where I have had that feeling more than once.

Yet, I can go to a Subway in any town, TX and walk out of there feeling as if I just got served at the Inn at Little Washington.  If you are not interested in people, being kind, or serving others, get the fuck out of our restaurants and dig a ditch somewhere.

I would love to hear of any place in D.C. that someone can go and ALWAYS get good service. COme on, just one. I want to try it out.

Reminder- July 7th Dine Out For Research!

July 6, 2009

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