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What I did for my birthday…

June 7, 2010

I turned 38 on my birthday last weekend. There was one thing I wanted to do. Since I was 13, I wanted to go to Dollywood. Yes- you read it right..DOLLYWOOD!

I expected a whole lot of cheesiness! I was surprised. The park itself is awesome. Very well landscaped and nestled in the hills, so it is gorgeous to look at. There are many kids rides, so if you have kids it is a good place to go. There are 3 main roller coasters right now- Tennessee Tornado, Thunderhead, and the Mystery Mine.

The Tennessee Tornado was a steel coaster that had a few surprises up its sleeve. The Mystery Mine was awesome!!! I can not describe this ride or I will ruin it for you. The Thunderhead is probably the best wooden coaster I have ever been on.

There were a few rides that were low key but fun. River Battle is one of these rides. You move around a pond on a barge and shoot other boats with water pumped from the pond. The spectators even get to battle with you.

River Battle

Unfortunately- I can not recommend the shows here. A little bit of a let down. It hurts to say that. 😦 I also had to ignore the religious tone everywhere. Was not too hard, but it was there.

I did a few other things while in the area this weekend. I will post about those separately – including my visit to Gatlinburg and my adventure Ziplining at Dollywood.


Class of 1990

January 26, 2010

I recently got a notification via Facebook that my 20 year class reunion was happening this year. I am not sure how 20 years went by since those awkward high school years. Seriously, I guess I have done a lot, but I really need to look at what the last 20 years has been spent doing.

Time to take some inventory of what I have accomplished and accept that some of that time has just slipped away and is better off that way.

How many people have went to their 20th reunion? If you didn’t go- why not? Should I look forward to this?


January 26, 2010

I have been bugging “R” to let me get a dog for as long as we have been together. A couple of weeks ago, a neighbor in our building posted a notice that he needed to give up his pug. “R” pointed it out to me and said if she was still available, we could look at her.

She was still available. The owner agreed we could take her and then changed his mind. (That’s a different post). A few days later he came back and changed his mind again. Since then M.J. has been living with us on a trial basis. Hopefully, within the next day or so, M.J. will be officially part of the family.

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Real World DC Premiered Tonight

December 31, 2009

I liked it. Don’t hate.

Candy Corn: Corn That Tastes Like Candy

October 9, 2009

I fucking love candy corn.  Specifically, I love Brach’s Autumn Mix bag with the pumpkin-shaped candy corn located conveniently inside.  Generic store brand candy corn can suck it because lord knows that every single one I’ve had is simply a cheap imitation of the Brach’s I so adore.

I’ve been looking for candy corn for a week.  That’s right, kids… one week of checking various CVS, Rite Aid and grocery store locations for non-generic brand candy.   One week of candy corn cravings unfulfilled.  No one carried Brach’s.

I was beginning to get desperate- the temperature is dropping, Halloween is approaching and I still hadn’t had the sickening sweet, toothachingly good, blessed ambrosia of the gods themselves: candy corn.   I think you can all get the sense of how non-obsessive and how extra-cool I am, given the priority of candy corn in my daily thoughts.

Well, I’m happy to report that the CVS above Farragut North Station has my business for eternity, for they are the bearers of Brach’s Autumn Mix goodness.   I’ve been at my desk for about 30 minutes and have already put a sizeable dent in the bag I purchased (don’t worry, I have 3 more bags in my desk).


To Fly or to Be Invisible?

September 10, 2009

When I first began dating my now-fiance, he posed a question to me that turned out to be the stuff that heated debates are made from:  Would you rather have the ability to fly or the ability to become invisible on demand?

To me, there is one very obvious answer: to become invisible.

I love other people’s business; I love to listen to what are people are saying and, if it weren’t so glaringly obvious, I’d love to unabashedly people watch to my heart’s content.  I love estate sales not only for the great deals on really awesome vintage furniture, but because you’re able to literally walk into someone’s home and see how they lived.  It’s like a little museum dedicated to the deceased; everything is just how they left it.  You’re able to scan the rooms and see what was cherished and what was junk.  It’s really an amazing process.

As a child, I obsessed over Sherlock Holmes.  While the character that Conan Doyle created is frequently portrayed as a heartless thinking machine, capable of ruthless logic and boundless memory, I never thought of him that way.  Holmes had an unimaginable ability to understand people and their actions.   He frequently succeeded not because he was brilliant, but because he was intuitive to the point of prediction.

Invisibility seems like the clear response for me, given my obsession with the actions of other people.  This was not the clear answer for my fiance, who insisted that he couldn’t fathom anyone who wouldn’t want to fly.  In my mind, flying is ok, but it provides no benefit other than what it is… unless you’re able to avoid a heinous metro commute.

We have debated this on and off since the question was posed and I haven’t been able to convince him that invisibility is the way to go.   I think this morning, I found my most appealing argument ever.

Last night during President Obama’s speech, Congressman Joe Wilson (Moron- South Carolina) decided to scream, “YOU LIE,” in the middle of the President’s address.  Not only is this action not to be tolerated, it’s also reason for censure.  So, like any idiot who hopes to remain an elected official, Congressman Wilson has begun the long process of attempting to make amends.

Talking Points Memo reports that Congressman Wilson called the White House in the attempt to apologize to the President directly.  Apparently, Congressman Wilson was instead treated to a phone conversation with Rahm Emmanuel.

How much would you have given to be an invisible presence in Rahm Emmanuel’s office during that motherfucking phone call?!

And that, ladies and gentleman, is why being invisible is preferable to the ability to fly.

Fly Through the Air With the Greatest of Ease…

September 9, 2009

Every single person in Washington should go to 9th and H Streets Northwest and check out the flying trapeze paraphernalia located in the parking lot at the corner.  This current set-up is home to the Trapeze School of New York… of Washington, D.C (TSNY).   Swinging by between 6:00pm and 8:00pm most weeknights should provide ample opportunity for you to observe a class in progress.  If watching a bunch of strangers attempt to fly on a trapeze sounds like fun, think of the absolutely indescribable joy you will feel flying on said trapeze.

I took the beginner Flying Trapeze class last night and it was the most challenging, fun thing I’ve done in a long time.   I’m somewhat terrified of heights (I had to be talked up the ladder by my ever-patient fiance), but once I took the initial jump off of the platform, I was sold.   The instructors were patient, but firm.  By the end of our two-hour class, I was hanging by my knees, flying through the air with my hands over my head, being caught by my instructor.

I was thinking about not posting this, as classes for the rest of September and most of October are already sold out, but I figured it was more noble to share (despite the competition I might have in scheduling my future classes).

TSNY’s website is at:  Go.  Seriously.