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Yale Steam Laundry Board Elected

February 19, 2010

Last night (February 18), Yale Steam Laundry Condominiums and lofts elected their first complete HOA Board. The initial board is a 3 member board. Per the condo by-laws the board can put a vote before the Association to make this a 5 member board.

51% of the owners were represented at the building. Granted 22% of that number is represented by units still owned by the developer, it is a pretty good turn out. 4 residents ran for the 3 vacant spots.

The three positions consist of one board member serving a 3 year term, one serving a 2 year term, and one serving a 1 year term. This will help keep some continuity on the board. Future board members will be elected for 2 year terms.


Yale Steam Laundry Condos transferring control to owners

January 25, 2010

It’s official. Owners received their letters announcing the first annual meeting to elect the board. Owners also received this email today from the building management. This is good for condo sales in the area.

“On 12/3/09,Yale reached the 75% sold mark, triggering the 90 day countdown for the election of a new Board of Directors and the transfer of control from the developer to the Association.  As a result, the 1st Annual Meeting of the Association will be held on Thursday, February 18th, at 7:00 pm in the lobby.  The meeting notice was mailed to all Yale owners on 1/22/10.  The purpose of the meeting is to elect the 3 members of the Board of Directors.”

Transfer of Power Imminent (Yale Steam Laundry)

November 13, 2009

The Yale Steam Laundry is about 75% sold. In fact after 3 more contracts complete closing, that milestone will be reached. This will mean that the residents of the building will get 2 more board members. It will be time to start sorting out the budget, security, and maintenance of the buidling.

Take Down Those Signs – City Vista and Yale

July 9, 2009

The word is that DCRA is going to be asking City Vista and Yale to take down the sale banners on their buildings. DCRA says they should have an update for us within the week.

Yale Condos Developer Begins Process of Screwing Residents

May 6, 2009

So- I have been pretty pro-Yale Condos. You can ask anyone we know that has considered purchasing how we try to convince them to live hear. We actually do love the building. However, I do not ever intend to sit by and not tell everyone I can when residents start to get screwed.

This morning I saw a note in our elevator that was posted over night. It was giving us less than 48 hours notice of an “open” meeting to approve the budget. The budget that was suppose to begin in January!!!! Currently, the developer still controls the board of our building. So, they think they can do pretty much whatever they want. This not also goes on to say that we will not be discussing anything else, especially the following:

  • 25% increase in condo fees! WTF!?!
  • 25 dollar parking fee for each parking space. (My problem with this is that our sales rep told us there was no fee. This did factor into our decision.)
  • Fines for breaking by-laws. (Ok- it is about time.)

With these new charges that no one is expected to discuss our monthly payment will increase around 200.00 a month. That is a nice chunk of change.  I need more info to see if they have compensated for this but, in February the developer told us we would be back charged to January for all of the difference in condo fees. I say they charge the management company that is late with the budget the difference.

So- in light of this new higher priced condo fee situation. (25% is ridiculous) I would like to divulge some other crap about our building. Especially since McWilliams-Ballard is sending out we are going to sell 20 units in 30 days emails.

  • Our building engineer is one of the most incompetent men I have ever met in this position. When he was allowed to have keys to our units, he would let work men in to do shoddy work and then leave your front door unlocked or your balcony door open in the winter.
  • The building manager is like a revolving door position.
  • Our fobs haven’t worked in the garage in about a week. We have to take the stairs to the lobby to get an elevator.
  • We are awful at not wasting energy in our building. No wonder we need to raise fees. There are more fluorescent lights that on Freemont Street in Vegas. Oh wait- Freemont Street even converted to LED.

I am sure I will come up with plenty more. Of course, I will post as I do. Remember the Dumont? The ghost town at 4 and Mass NW? I just wanted to discuss this here since we will not be allowed to discuss it tomorrow.

Our New Home – Yale Steam Laundry Condominiums

November 12, 2008

We are moving into the Yale at 437 New York Ave. NW. We are pretty excited about our move to the Yale. I thought I would feature a few photos of our building and new condo. It is pretty exciting to get to start with a blank slate. In the future we will add photos to show what we do with all of these white walls. (Ok- so I had some technical difficulties. I will add more photos in a separate post soon.)